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You must change your mental attitude first from a normal person to that of a speculator. Almost all traders I have met, except a few successful ones who really made millions and billions trading in the market, simply waste all their time trying to learn the easiest part in perfection, like about how to read data and charts, and trying to perfect entry and exit skills, etc. Trading is a mind game and without having a right frame of mind, it is a losing game even before it starts. Training a trader?s mind is the first step for any successful trader but almost all new traders neglect that part and that explains why more than 95% of traders are a failure in the long run.
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If you take the time time to learn the art of forex trading you can potentially earn $3,000 or more per month by working about 4 hours per day. Forex trading can be the best home based business you can dream of.
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Forex charting is not just a tool but also an insight. The secret of successful trading is to take a step back from the market. Trade with the big picture in mind at all times and don't follow the day-to-day market movements that are temporary in nature. Daily market talk can misguide you and sometimes can hypnotize you if you follow it too deeply. You have to see the forest for the trees. That's why you need charting Software that shows you historical trend data as well as current intraday trend data.
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